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The classification of the different chemical compounds on the basis of their function is defined considering their chemical family: polyurethane is usually considered a bi-component, due to the high prevalence of the isocyanate and polyol components. For the actual use a large number of specific additives is available.

Products are divided as follows:
Isurane MDI based quasi-prepolymers
Olysol polyols polyester
Eterol polyols polyether
Adycat additives (catalysts, silicone surfactants, expanding agents etc.)
Elind polyols for elastomers production
J-Thane quasi-prepolymers and prepolymers for elastomers production

Polychem Systems products are supplied in metallic drums (200 litres); on demand, products can be supplied in different capacity packaging.
Metallic drums (25 and 60 litres), bulk tanks (1000 litres) and loose material in tank truck are available.
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