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Our company is specialised in the formulation of polyurethanes for expanded foams and elastomers production. The major application areas of our products are: shoe industry, sports, cars, building industry.

The range of applications for polyurethane is especially wide, thus the physical-chemical characteristics of our products are strictly related to the formulation of their components.

Our technicians are committed to guaranteeing a continuous improvement of the existing products, and are always available for the development of new formulations for specific applications.

Quality control is continuous and well-diffused, and this guarantees the constant performance of our polyurethane formulas.

If you are interested in a quick consultation of the basic principles of polyurethanes preparation and handling, visit our technical area.

Contact us, we will be glad to answer all your questions , whatever specific, about the uses of polyurethane, and in particular about our own products.
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