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Production of soles
suola A wide range of polyurethane systems can be used for manufacturing of soles, e.g. for shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, safety shoes.
Each product differs from the others for free density of foam, ultimate hardness, resistance to bending, to hydrolysis and to abrasion.
We can supply systems with particular properties such as resistance to chemical agents or antistatic behaviour.
Depending on the specific productive needs of our customers, we define the most suitable products.
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Production of seals
filtriSpecific systems for the production of seals for car filters, ceiling lights and covers. A range of products with different hardness and extent of compression is available.

Production of elastomers
ruoteElind (polyols) series and J-Thane (MDI based quasi-prepolymers) for production of technical items. Polyurethane polymers with excellent physical-chemical characteristics suitable for many uses.
E.g. production of wheels, rollers, sieves, spring.
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